Harnessing the
power of local communities.

See how we believe in helping businesses excel to enable smart cities, and this is our ultimate north star.


Here at TYCA,
we reimagine the way we see cities today.

You see, cities are complex.
They are living, breathing and changing daily. They are lively and dynamic. Serene and noisy. Artistic and inspirational.
We are told that they are melting pots and create close-knit interactions.
“Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.”

That they are filled with different neighborhoods, communities and cultures and somewhere in there we’re supposed to fit in.

Jane Jacobs, 
a journalist who believed and fought for the importance and value of urban settings.
But cities are also filled with isolation and become black and white.

Everything is changing everyday and finding what we need is often very hard. It’s difficult to keep up and be in the know with everyone and about everything around us. It’s even more difficult to create palpable and meaningful relationships with them.

We are heightening the levels of awareness and accessibility and personalize cities to create a more empathetic and better living experience.

We’re eager to make a social impact.


We design with community in mind and focus our impact on solving many of the most pressing problems in them.

Growing local economies

Buy local, grow local.

Reducing food deserts.

Minimize mortality rates. Maximize longevity.

Promoting health and nutrition.

Facilitate activity and foot traffic.

We’re building a
SMART city.
We’re a smart city and smart retail IOT startup that harnesses local data to create meaningful and personalized in-store experiences.

We revamp the in-store experience. We built some AI algorithms to better connect people to the products they love and to help brick & mortars better operate within their stores.
Group 34 (1)
We explored customer pain points through customer discovery interviews through funding from the NSF.
We embarked on building data algorithms that allow personalization to shoppers and organizational structure to business owners.
We received some acquisition interest and partnership opportunities.
​Now we’re laser focused on launching our MSP in East Williamsburg.

We’ve formed solid partnerships

We’re forming partnerships with organizations sparking impact in local neighborhoods and innovating globally.

From large health systems such as Mount Sinai Health to educational institutions like Belmont University in Nashville, we’re partnering with different organizations to spark innovation and increase our social impact.

We’re solving pretty pressing problems and are working with big organizations who are betting on us in making that happen. YAMA, SBS, Brooklyn Borough president.
Made with love in Brooklyn
When we’re not changing the world, we’re either kicking a soccer ball (in our office) or kicking back on our rooftop overlooking the NYC skyline. And, perhaps, munching on some office snacks at the same time. (Even while working from home)

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