TYCA for businesses

Helping you run the show safely.

You don’t just run a business, you carry your neighborhood. And we connect you better to your neighborhood.

TYCA is an A.I. and M.L. powered community marketplace connecting busy people to local brick & mortar businesses for a better in-store experience.

Product Discoverability

Helping you find what you’re looking for.

Health and Safety
in Mind

Combining convenience with safety.

Sell 24/7

Run past all of the obstacles.

Product Discoverability
Your customers can easily find their favorites.

Tired of customers asking where the gluten-free chips are? Tired of also having to get up and show them after you told them? Let customers find what they need without getting lost in the aisles. With our digitized inventory, it neatly appears to your customers so they can easily find their favorite items.


Keep your doors open without letting germs in.

Reduce customer activity in your store while increasing transactions.

SELL 24×7

We help you to serve 24/7

By ordering products off-store hours, you can be at peace knowing that your product will still be there, without running out before you even plan a trip to the store.
Photograph by Reddit user SaintHuck

We’re all in this together

With just one form, we can better assist you with navigating these trying times. We are now providing consultation to guide your business, so you can continue to serve your community.

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